Me  and my buddy

Who am I and what am I doing?

My name is Brett (although my significant other calls me Bert) and I am just a nerd. I was birthed in Canada and raised in the Bay Area of California.

I currently work as content specialist/business analyst for a superb company. I am also a professional commuter (120 miles a day!).

I love all things historical, political, mechanical, ballistic, armored, aviation, nautical, shooty, pointy, and innovative.


Hobbies I enjoy:

  • PC gaming (consoles are for the feeble)
  • Fine scale modeling (a conduit for my OCD so you don’t have to deal with it!)
  • Marksmanship and reloading (I shoot guns and make my own ammo)
  • Historical research (learning about the past is the key to never repeating it)
  • Exploration (while I am a homebody, once I am out I enjoy to explore and see nature or cities anew!)
  • Flight Simulations (because its a hell of a lot cheaper than flying the real thing)
  • Wolf husbandry  (I love my wolf puppy boy!)



Yeehaw! That’s my girlfriend: Mo!


Dutch: Part wolf, part dog