Armored Vehicle Dump

Greetings one and all! I find myself on the eve before I head off to Hawaii for a week for some much needed vacation. My armored projects are going well. Whippet is nearly done, Tiger just need to have the turret finished and then its off to be painted. Hell, I am thinking of even doing an airplane model after I finish those two.  But, we will get back to all that once I return. The other day I had a chance to go to the Military Vehicle Preservation Association that was gathering up in Pleasanton, California. Saw many cool vehicles and all kinds of AFV goodness.

So without further filler, here is a brief look at some of what I saw. Enjoy!


Hope you enjoyed this heavy slide show. On my trip, I am hoping to get lots of aircraft photos from the Pacific Aviation Museum and of course of photos of the USS Missouri.

Enjoy your week and thanks for taking a look!


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