Welcome to Bricker Industries!

Since I find myself working with web-related stuff for a living, I couldn’t help but see the value of some of it (finally)! I’ve learned some new tricks and I am ready to shine! So here we go: Baby’s First WordPress!

I have returned to fine scale modeling after over a year of absence due to life (moving, improper work space set up, etc.). When I was last modeling (2014-early 2015) I was just beginning to approach it with a more hardcore dedication. I’ve always been a pretty good painter, but at that time I lacked the building skills and the financial funds to get serious about the hobby. I had built models in my youth (military and Warhammer) and have always enjoyed it, but the genre has changed a great deal since those days. Inspired by the works of Mig Jimenez and his contemporaries, I set forth to make realistic and truly gritty models. I still have much to learn, but I’ve already learned and improved a great deal. Perhaps the best piece of advice I gathered from watching Mig Jimenez was his notion of “just finish the model.” You can spend forever and day trying to make something perfect, but without completing it and moving on to new challenges, you will never grow. So that is my goal: finish models and improve with each one. Push out of my comfort zone!

Henceforth, I will be documenting some of my many projects that I embark on. These will mainly be build/painting posts having to due with the various scale modelling projects I am working on, but may branch out to other items. I’m thinking some product reviews might be interesting too.

I’ll start things off with my next post documenting the build of my first commissioned piece and hopefully upload some of my other active and previous projects as well.

Prepare to be underwhelmed, but hopefully intrigued!




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